AEC Hunt, LLC serves the niche-markets of Construction, we know how to find high-achieving individuals and attract them to your company.

We offer the following 2 types of recruiting services:

Exclusive Contingency: Most used approach. Effective for higher priority positions and if timing is important for filling the position(s).

Non – Exclusive Contingency: Acceptable approach if the open position(s) is of low priority to the organization and the timing for hiring is not important.

Here is a summary of how we work:

Blueprint For Success

Step One:

Profile Development, Research, and Recruiting

Before our search begins, we will arrange a phone conversation with you to discuss your needs and to develop a profile of the individual you want to hire.

Step Two:

Negotiating an Acceptable Offer, Loose Ends

Once mutual interest has been established by you and the candidate, we begin to solidify the “deal”. What are the candidate’s needs, in terms of compensation, bonuses, health car insurance, vacation time and relocation assistance? Are there any loose ends that must be addressed? And is the candidate serious about joining your organization, or is he contemplating a variety of offers,  or counteroffers to stay with the current employer?

Step Three:

Ensuring a Smooth Transition

Once your offer of employment offer has been accepted, we will help the candidate resign from his or her old position, decline a counteroffer attempt, and assist in any way that might be beneficial during the transition to the new position.

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